Law practice focused on the corporate world

A set of multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional actions and services focused on results and productivity

Demystifying the corporate law

Law practice focused on business development

Ready for change in legal business

Companies require a paradigm shift, allowing new formats in the provision of legal services

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Wealth and Succession Management Solutions


Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration in Labor and Corporate Law


Online legal advisory for corporate management for Clients and/or Employees

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Since 1990, the law firm RONALDO MARTINS & ADVOGADOS, with strong performance in the corporate market and in the development of corporate business, provides legal solutions and strategic tools that generate different business possibilities with productivity and profitability for its clients, through a complete legal management in the most diverse areas of law.

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Acts in the bidding process and consulting in all phases of the various types of bidding (open tender, competition, contest, auction, competitive dialogue).

Complete legal advisory for companies that develop or intend to implement programs.

Acts in the filing and defense of all types of civil lawsuits, involving the compliance with agreements, credits not received and indemnities.

Claims in bankruptcy, filing bankruptcy petitions. Files petitions for arrangement with creditors in the suspensive and preventive modes of bankruptcy.

In a preventive character, it acts with manufacturers, producers, builders, traders on consumer relations.

Advisory and consulting in the interpretation, analysis and elaboration of agreements, in addition to the actuation in proceedings that aim at rescission and termination.

Advisory and consulting for domestic and foreign companies with the drafting and amendment of articles of organization and/or incorporation, as well as other corporate acts.

Counterfeiting of products, seizure of documents, tax evasion, property crimes against the company and the environment.

Protection against the interests of the company, as to mergers and unfair competition, abusive business practices.

Preventive advisory and consulting, focused on management and auditing, elaborating diagnoses, solutions and adequacy to the environmental laws.

International transfer, direct investments and settlement of disputes with the bodies of the National Financial System.

In an advisory and procedural manner, provides legal support in operations related to taxation in international trade.

Development and coordination of multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional works involving multinational clients, through integration with the various legal areas of the firm.

Advisory and guidance on all aspects of labor law, from collective bargaining agreements to appeals to TRT (Regional Labor Courts), TST (Superior Labor Court), STF (Federal Supreme Court).


Preventive analysis of operational procedures, acquisitions and mergers, corporate and family reorganization.


Constant investments in processes, technology and people

We are a facilitator with know-how and confidentiality of your company’s legal demands, through customized and cost-effective solutions.


A team of experts focused on your business.

A team specialized in the strategic direction to serve your company with the goal of always adding value and results to your business.


Offices distributed throughout the country's main business centers.

With headquarters in São Paulo and offices in Brasilia, Fortaleza, ABC, Campinas and region, we establish a close relationship wherever your business is located.
For international operations, we have our units in Miami and Fort Lauderdale (USA) to meet, with the same promptness, the diversity of the different legal systems around the world.